Filming in portrait (or vertically) is ruining your family memories!

Okay, this is an exaggeration, but vertical videos are definitely less fun to look back on and watch from the big screen. In the age of cell phone cameras, it has become a habit for most people to take photos and record videos vertically. When trying to snap a quick picture, this seems like the most natural option, due to how we use our phones on a daily basis. However, when looking back on these memories on a computer or television, the vertical videos will not fill the screen. 

Why did I decide to make the switch?

One of my favorite apps, 1 Second Everyday, allows you to look back on the individual memories that you have captured throughout the month or year. When using the app, I noticed that I was taking the time to capture a memory vertically, then retaking the same photo or video horizontally. I have never enjoyed watching vertical videos on a big screen, so this allowed me a version to watch on my phone and a version to watch on the TV. If you are particular about how you look back on old memories, give horizontal filming a try. 

Lisa posing for a selfie with a friend

How can horizontal videos save your memories?

When looking back through my videos, I found that many of the things that I filmed were vertical. After putting together a collage of some of my son’s early memories, I was dissatisfied with the way the videos came together. When viewing the montage, a few horizontal videos were always broken up with vertical ones. This is the moment that I realized I needed to make a change and start filming my videos horizontally.

Anderson’s Awesome Adventures – Chapter 1

Anderson’s Awesome Adventures – Chapter 2


  • You can capture a lot without having to move your phone as much.
  • Videos filmed horizontally are more enjoyable to look back on!
  • Horizontal photos/videos upload better to Facebook.


Photo of Lisa and her family in Grand Island

For a long time, horizontal capture was the norm. With the introduction of smartphones with improved cameras and apps like TikTok and Instagram people began to capture more images vertically. Look back on older videos and you can see clear differences in the ways that things were captured. Horizontal videos mean wider frames, allowing the viewer to see more of the background. This is one of the many benefits of recording video horizontally. A wider frame makes for less camera movement. What you would be moving around to capture can be captured from the same vantage point. 

Why should you make the change?

Ultimately, the worst part of filming a vertical video is when you are ready to go back and look at what you filmed. After syncing your videos to the TV, you will find that every vertical video is accompanied by large black bars on either side. The memories that you captured won’t fill your screen and will be unsatisfying to look back on. Making the small change to horizontal filming will save you a headache in the future. Your memories are precious, and you don’t want the time you spend looking back on them to be filled with small videos and black bars. Switch to horizontal filming today, future you will be grateful!

Photo of Lisa's son playing, taken as a vertical image

A few ways I watch my videos on my TV are Amazon Photos, The Projector App and streaming directly from my phone.

If you are looking for more guidance on capturing and preserving your photos and videos, set up your free 20-minute consultation with Lisa today!


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