Tried-and-True Photo Displays for Life’s Celebrations

Are you tired of the same old poster board displays at graduations, funerals, birthdays, and anniversaries? Let’s face it, those boards can be expensive, time-consuming, and often end up gathering dust in storage. If you’re looking for photo display ideas that will truly stand the test of time and bring joy to your celebrations, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I’ll share some tried-and-true methods that will make your photos shine and create lasting memories for years to come. Let’s dive in!

Worried about not standing out?

Most of the ways I recommend to display my favorite photos at events are very popular. You don’t always need to develop a new, innovative way to display your images. Your photos will speak to your creativity and the things that bring you joy. If you are looking for more creative ways to display images, check out a few ideas at the end of this blog. Here are a few of my favorite, but fairly traditional, ways to display photos at events.

Tried-and-True Photo Displays: 

  1. Slideshow – These can be thrown together quickly while creating a big impact. 
    1. Multiple guests can view it at once
    2. It won’t take up your attention away from the party, because it can play in the background.
    3. Constantly filtering through different images so that guests aren’t bored.
    4. Provides a great way to display images on a large screen for a low price.
    5. After the party, you can add your video to the Projector app to watch along with your family’s home videos

Slideshow at an event

  1. Playbooks – continue looking back on old slideshows through a decorative playbook
    1. You can look back at these images as many times as you want, or display them for guests to see. 
    2. Playbook video plays can display slideshows and digital images and can sit on your coffee table or bookshelf. (Lisa can help you purchase and set one up)

Image of a slideshow on a digital playbook

  1. Photo Apps – these work great if the party is in your home or office where you have a smart TV with some of my favorite apps 
    1. Projector – You can have a playlist specific for the guest of honor
    2. Amazon Photos – I like to make an album with photos of the person we are celebrating and just let it play as a slideshow in the background. (I do this on all our TVs when we have my son’s birthday parties)
    3. has a Fire TV app
    4. I DO NOT recommend streaming from your phone because it can drain the battery quickly and you may also want to take photos during the event
  2. Digital FramesNixplay and other digital photo frames allow you to create special party playlists
    1. Create a playlist for each Birthday, Anniversary, and party. Later, you can look back at all of the memories you’ve celebrated. 
  3. Printed Photos 
    1. Attach to a bulletin board or magnetic board
    2. We made photo collages in standard frames to mark the tables at our wedding
    3. Hang from ribbon or strings
    4. This blog had some great ideas

Picture of a printed image in a frame Wedding of Lisa Jane Tonjes to Bruce Carl Moritz Ceremony at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church Reception at Doubletree Hotel – Downtown[/caption]

  1. Photobooks/Scrapbook – after the fact it can sit on your coffee table or bookshelf
    1. Create something new in honor of the event. You may even want to make multiple copies. When I made my parents a book for their 50th Anniversary, I made myself a copy too. 
    2. Bring out older books and albums 
    3. These could be passed down for generations

Things to keep in mind

  • Remember who you’re celebrating: the person you are celebrating should appear in every photo you share. I once went to a funeral where over half of their slideshow contained images of family, not the person who had passed. It is important to ensure that the special person appears in each image.
  • Try to find images where the guest of honor looks their best: Try and choose ones that are their favorite, where they are doing what they love, or wearing their favorite color. (you don’t want them mad at you for sharing certain photos)

Image of a couple looking at a photobook

  • Try and choose images from a range of different ages and events: It can be easy to only choose the most recent images, but people really enjoy seeing the old stuff. When you go to a graduation party, you want to see baby photos, not just high school pictures. People have so much fun looking back at years past.
  • Try to include photos where the guest of honor is with party guests: adding family and friends who will be in attendance can add excitement for the guests. People will watch the slideshow and pay more attention to see where they will appear.
  • There should be some sort of logical progression in the organization of images: You can do them chronologically or with a theme. When people are looking through an album and they’re looking for pictures of them, people can’t think as logically when the years are jumping around. Themes could include, college, elementary, and military.

3 people looking at a photobook on a table

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to create something that you (and others) will cherish. It may be fun to give guests something photo-related for a small event. For a class reunion, it could be giving everyone an image of them in high school. For one girls’ trip, I made everyone cozies with images that we had taken in the same place, 16 years before. The creation of long-lasting memories doesn’t need to be expensive.

Here are a few other fun ideas!

Creative Photo Display Ideas: My favorite is the photo banner with lights.

22 Creative Ways to Display Photos at Your Wedding: I’m a big fan of #4 because it’s what we did in 2010 but most of these aren’t exclusive to weddings.

I hope that a few of these ideas will inspire you to share the photos you love at your next event! If you are struggling to find your favorites, it could be because you are lacking organization. Schedule a free consultation, and I can help you get organized!


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