What is Projector?

Projector is a home video streaming platform and your new personal streaming service. I love using this app because it allows me to upload as many videos as I want. After uploading, videos can be streamed from the TV, web, or smartphone. If you enjoy looking back on memories with family and friends, I would wholeheartedly recommend this app. 

Image of a TV screen displaying the app Projector

Signing up and adding content is surprisingly simple. After going to the Projector website, simply add your email and phone number to create an account. From there, you will be directed towards a tutorial that will teach you the basics of Projector. This tutorial remains available for you to revisit at any point in time, so don’t worry about taking notes. After logging in, the Projector Dashboard will allow you to upload and manage photos/videos. Additionally, you can add different viewers to your projects on Projector. Inviting a viewer is simple, all you need to do is add their email so that they can view your projects. This is one of my favorite features, especially when sharing videos with family members across the United States. 


Want to look more into this personal streaming service? There are two different tiers of Projector pricing. The Free plan allows users to create an account, invite viewers, and add 1 free upload. If you are looking to upload more than one video, the Premium plan allows for unlimited uploads. 

Free Plan

  • View other projects from other family members and friends.
  • Upload one video
  • Cast projects to the TV

Premium Plan

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • Can upload video files of any length or size

Image of a TV screen displaying the Projector app


  • Add family and friends to a group where everyone can share videos and images.
  • Permit successors to access your account/videos.
  • Add photos/videos to categories and subcategories
  • Give family members permission to view your uploads

The Projector App is compatible with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices. Uploaded videos and photos can also be accessed from the web or a tablet/smartphone. 

Staying Organized

Projector is an app that I love! My family and I use it regularly to look back on our favorite memories. It also introduces a great way to share videos with family, without the use of a hard drive. Despite these perks, it is important to remember that platforms like Projector do not serve as a replacement for cloud or backup services. Projector can not ensure the safety or organization of your photos. 

Having a good organization system before registering for services like Projector will allow for a much easier importation of videos. Need help organizing your photos? Click here to schedule a free consultation!


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