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September is Save Your Photos Month!

Save Your Photos Month is a worldwide event to help families organize, preserve, share, and celebrate their memories. Experts worldwide will be sharing their expertise in 40+ free mini-courses. Sign up at for access to the classes from September 1 – October 31, 2023. (and the last week of September, they will randomly draw names from those who register to win various prizes from generous sponsors and speakers)

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Save Your Photos Month Events


Create a Photo Legacy

Yates Illuminates

3260 Davenport St

Omaha, NE 68131

Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at 6:30 pm


Ask Lisa anything about your Memories Management


Friday, September 15 at 11 a.m. Central Time!

Lisa Tonjes Moritz has been a certified photo manager for over 10 years. This call is your opportunity to ask her ANYTHING about saving your precious memories. The event will be recorded and sent to all who register. To ensure your question is answered, send it to Lisa ahead of time at with the Subject Line – QUESTION for SYPM

Why Your Legacy Matters and How to Get Started

During the first week of Save Your Photos Month, you will have the opportunity to learn about combing through the stacks of photos that seem to be cluttering your household. If you have inherited photo collections, or just let yours get out of control, photo organization can be extremely overwhelming. This week is all about learning how to sort your photos, get rid of any duplicates, and determine the best organization system for your family.

During this week, we will also take a look at the preservation of your photo legacy. What do you want to leave behind for your children and grandchildren? It is important to consider the organization of your photos now so that they don’t have to.

Keeping up with Technology

The second week of Save Your Photos Month is all about technology! If you have a camera attached to your smartphone, you probably take a lot of photos. Week two will touch on the software and apps that you can use to make sure you are saving only the best photos. You probably don’t need screenshots and duplicates cluttering your camera roll, so free up that space. We will also discuss photo privacy and the best ways to avoid the data from your images being stolen. 

Preparing for the Unexpected

No one wants to think about the possibility of lost or damaged photos. In week three, we will discuss the importance of taking preventative action to preserve your photos, before it’s too late. Whether you want to document your child growing up or save memories for your loved one with memory loss, it is important to consider your options. Take the time to think about the photos that you will leave behind now before you look back and regret the memories that you didn’t save. Looking back on family memories is a precious occasion to enjoy, so make sure that those memories are saved properly. 

Using Photos and Videos to Create Joy

The fourth and final week of Save Your Photos Month discusses repurposing your images to bring continual joy. The best way to create a mini photo album, looking through images on a projector, and getting the best shots of your family. There is so much joy that photos can bring to your family if they are utilized. The final week of Save Your Photos Month is a great opportunity to learn about all of the different ways that your photos can be used. 

Have any questions? Make sure to join us to ask Lisa anything about Saving Your Photos on Friday, September 15 at 11 a.m. Central Time! 



  1. Seana Turner

    Wow, it’s so neat to see all these options being organized into a central place with a common theme. Lots of great options for getting in control of those memories. Thanks for letting me know – I had no idea these were available!

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      I am trying to figure out what I want to watch first – so many good options.

  2. Linda Samuels

    What a beautiful celebration of our memories! An entire “Save Your Photos” month! It’s wonderful the many ways you are bringing attention, sharing your expertise, and helping others make the most of their photos. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Janet Schiesl

    Great blog. Looking at bins of photos sitting there not sure what to do with them could be overwhelming.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Julie Bestry

    I love knowing that there are all of these resources to recommend to my clients (and use for myself) for dealing with photos. (Organizing the prints is easy; digital organizing always throws me for a loop!) Thank you for sharing this amazing collection of learning options.


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