pCloud is my new favorite thing. An Easy to Use App to Keep All your Photos, Videos, Music in One Place!

Access on Any Device · Offline Files Access · No Limit File Size Upload – Track who is downloading and you can buy a lifetime plan!

I believe that everyone should have some kind of automatic backup on their computer. I use BACKBLAZE* and love it because it is unlimited data for the computer.

BiographyNOW is great way to create your own personal biography. The process is simple. They combine technology with personalized one-on-one interview. Tell the story and they write the book. Use the code HOPEorganizing to receive 10% off your order.
Forever is like nothing else when it comes to Saving and Sharing your memories. It’s basically like Life Insurance for you photos. You purchase your storage for your lifetime + 100 years. There are several options for sharing your photos within Forever. They also offer all the digitizing that I don’t do: videos, film, slides, etc. Photos Books and Photo Gifts are also available on Forver.
MileIQ is terrific if you need to track your mileage. You can sit in the bank drive-thru waiting for an elevator and swipe right for business or left for personal. So easy and well worth $5.99 a month for all the time it saves.
Flip-Pal is an awesome mobile scanner! You can take it anywhere. (I do recommend using rechargeable batteries) My favorite part is Stich Technology that allows to take multiple scans of larger items and then it will “stich:” together.
Dropbox is where I keep everything digital! I can access my “stuff” from basically anywhere!
VideoDone takes all of your videos and creates a great highlight video. Check out the HOPE organizing facebook page for highlight video of Lisa’s son’s first 18 months. It was such an easy process. We would appreciate you using the code: HOPEorganizing2017 when you make a video.
A Place for Mom is simple resource for Senior Living in the Omaha area.

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