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HOPE recommends the *GoodOnes app, as a way to pick the best photos from your camera roll. This app offers a variety of features that will allow you to use the photos you love. With thousands of pictures on your smartphone’s camera roll, it can be difficult and overwhelming to comb through each image. GoodOnes is a photo-organizing app that does much of the work for you.

screenshot of GoodOnes App

If you’re like most people, you likely have thousands of images saved, many of which are duplicates or slightly different versions of the same scene. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the time or energy to sort through countless images trying to find the best ones. That’s where GoodOnes comes in with an app that can do all of these things for you. An AI assistant named Ollie sorts through your photos and suggests the best images. It’ll find the best smiles, sunsets, and the most in-focus shots so that you only really need to keep the GoodOnes.

Photo displaying GoodOnes choosing the best out of like images


  • The GoodOnes app is currently FREE!
  • Provides any iPhone user the ability to effectively declutter their camera roll with no commitment.


  • Sort photos from your camera roll based on the month and year they were taken.
  • Recommends that best image when there are similar photos.
  • Separates blurry photos and screenshots.
  • Keeps you updated with a photo sorting progress bar.
  • Allows you to display the photos that you love with a home screen widget.
  • Sends notifications reminding you to continue clearing out your camera roll.

Photo of the GoodOnes photo sorting page

After downloading the GoodOnes app, you will be prompted to connect the app to your camera roll. From there, the app organizes photos according to the date that they were taken. The photos are separated into batches of roughly 30 images. This makes the process of sorting through your photos significantly less overwhelming. 

 How can GoodOnes be used to save time?

To cut down on time, GoodOnes uses a simple swiping feature. You can swipe left on an image to add it to the Rest section. This is a spot for photos that aren’t your favorite, but that you’re not ready to part with yet. With a right swipe, you can move an image to the Best category. These images can then be displayed with a widget on the home screen of your iPhone. Additionally, adding images to your Best pile will automatically move them to the favorites album in your camera roll. Any photos that you are ready to delete can go into the Trash category, with a simple click at the bottom of the screen.

Photo of an achievement for sorting 11,000 photos

GoodOnes keeps users motivated by encouraging them to keep organizing with notifications throughout the day. A to-do list on the home screen will allow you to see how many batches you have left to sort. Finally, progress statistics at the top of the screen will allow you to see how many batches you have sorted, what you have added to your favorites and the total number of photos sorted overall. 

Photo of GoodOnes photo sorting progress statistics

 Why use GoodOnes?

GoodOnes is simple yet entertaining. The style of the app almost makes the organizing process feel like a game! I love organizing my photos when I have some downtime but want to feel productive. Recently on a trip, I was able to organize hundreds of photos while traveling to my destination. This app is a simple way to improve your life and your camera roll. 


Lisa Tonjes Moritz is currently on the GoodOnes Photo Manager Advisory Board and meets with them monthly to discuss all things about the app. When you try out the app, I would love to hear your thoughts! Send me an email or DM to let me know what you think. 


HOPE Organizing is glad that you joined us for this edition of HOPE recommends. GoodOnes is an innovative and unique solution to a cluttered camera roll. If you are beginning to run out of photo storage, GoodOnes may be the perfect solution for you. As a professional Photo Organizer, contact me with any questions or schedule your free 20-minute consultation to discuss your photo organizing needs. I would love you assist you in organizing and maintaining the GoodOnes in your camera roll.


*Please use this link to the App Store because it lets GoodOnes know that I sent you!

Blog originally published July 1, 2023 

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