A photo storage solution for your precious memories.


HOPE recommends FOREVER, as a permanent photo storage solution. Your first visit to the FOREVER website may be a bit overwhelming. They offer a wide variety of services such as cloud storage, photo books, scanning, digital scrapbooking, digital art and more. As an Ambassador and longtime customer of FOREVER, I am here to help you navigate their services and share with you why HOPE recommends FOREVER. 

Recent additions:

Family Research

The new Family Research services offer buyers the assistance of trained professionals who will work to uncover ancestors, link DNA, look into records, and discover family details. Each research plan is developed based on individual client needs.

The 12-month FOREVER Family Research project will cost buyers $575 per month, guaranteeing 5 hours of research per month.

The 6-month FOREVER Family Research project will cost buyers $600 per month.

The 3-month FOREVER Family Research Project will cost buyers $625 per month.

Valet Software

FOREVER photo valet will allow users to add images to their pre-existing organization structure immediately. Forever takes some time to set up and with this software, users will no longer need to spend time importing new images. Try it out with a 60-day free trial. If you love it, use the service for only $59.99 per year.

Photo Storage

Like insurance for your photos, FOREVER storage is unique because it is meant to last for generations. When you purchase storage, you have permanent photo storage for your lifetime, plus an extra 100 years after you pass. By designating a special person in your life to take over your photo collection, your memories live on and can be cherished by future generations that have not even been born yet.


  • Buy it once and own it for generations. They have payment plans available so you can pay to own; not rent storage.
  • No data mining or advertising.
  • FOREVER Guarantee ensures you permanent photo storage and that your photos last your lifetime plus 100 years.
  • File updates keep your memories from becoming outdated. 


  • Automatic back for your phone is a nice feature and I recommend using it so your photos are protected if something should happen to your phone. However, to avoid using storage space, take a little time each month to delete the photos you don’t want. Then, rename and organize the keepers. 
  • Keywords and additional information can be added to your photo’s metadata.
  • Tags can be added for organizing convenience.
  • You can save an image in multiple albums. For example, say you have albums for each year, and you get married in 2010. You can save pictures of your wedding in both the 2010 album and wedding album.  
  • FOREVER will automatically keep a record of how many photos you have saved and can be filtered by album. Want to only look at the most recent uploaded from your phone, select “Not in Album” to see all your images yet to be assigned to an album.

Things to Consider:

  • It can be expensive, but you can make the most of your storage by only saving photos you deem album worthy. For example, for every 5,000 photos uploaded, I usually only save around 1,000.
  • Currently they do not offer facial recognition. If they did, it would be about as close to perfect as you could get in a photo storage system.

permanent photo storage
permanent photo storage
permanent photo storage


We use our cell phones and computers more and more these days to capture videos. Like photo storage, FOREVER offers video storage. However, there are added expenses to consider.   


  • You can upload, organize, and share videos in your FOREVER account.
  • Videos also receive the FOREVER Guarantee and will be available for your lifetime plus 100 years.


  • By purchasing a FOREVER streaming video plan, you can watch your videos in full HD quality on any device in your forever account.
  • FOREVER storage owners can save videos in their original formats at no additional charge.
  • Videos can be downloaded and watched offline anytime.

Things to Consider:

  • You will need to purchase the FOREVER storage plus streaming video plan to watch your videos in full HD online using forever web and mobile apps.
  • Without adding the streaming video plan to your FOREVER plan you will need to download videos to watch them.
  • Because you can store videos but there is an extra fee to watch them, I don’t use FOREVER for my video storage. I personally feel that the video files take up too much room and would rather save more photos and documents with my storage space.

Design & Print

With FOREVER’s storage plan you are saving your images for the future, but with Design & Print you can turn your memories into items to enjoy now.


  • You can turn your images into a wide variety of items – mugs, books, wall decor, calendars, cards, and prints.
  • FOREVER uses archival quality materials so your projects will look good for future generations to enjoy.
  • FOREVER provides a wide range of templates to let you customize your cards, calendars, and books. Use the template that matches your style from modern to basic or rich premium.
  • FOREVER allows users to create their own T-shirt quilts! Submit images of your favorite photos to have them developed into a custom blanket with all of your favorites.


  • FOREVER makes the process of creating a customized item easy. You upload photos and add them right from your account.
  • AutoBook allows you to create a great-looking photo book with minimal effort. Simply choose the size and binding you want. Select the photos you want, and the images will automatically be placed. Viola! A beautiful book that took minutes to create.  
  • Gone are the days of having to write on the back of your prints (or having to read smudged notes written in someone else’s handwriting). Back printing is an amazing tool that prints your notes on the back of your photo.  

Things to Consider:

  • You have a nice variety of items, but not the extensive selection as Snapfish, Shutterfly or other competitors that offer print and design options.
  • Pricing is reasonable and the convenience of being able to create from the same source your photos are stored is a benefit to using their services.


pcloud folder on pc computer

Scanning and Conversion

HOPE Organizing offers photo and document scanning services. We partner with FOREVER when film, slides and video tapes need to be converted. No need to do them separately, we can coordinate your entire collection. Also, by working with HOPE Organizing directly, we will take the time to understand your goals and needs so your project is customized and unique to your family. Unlike FOREVER, we are happy to organize your collection too. Please schedule a free consultation with us to learn more. 


  • You can mix and match media in one package to scan.
  • Fill your insured, prepaid box to the brim, complete the enclosed order form and mail it off to be completed.
  • Converted media will be stored in your FOREVER account and included in the FOREVER Guarantee. You can also request to have it saved and sent back on a USB drive for an additional fee (currently $9.99 per drive).


  • Pick a box size that works best for your project. Prices range from $59.99 to $599.99.
  • Each box includes media conversion credits that can be applied to the total cost of converting items received.
  • Insured three-way shipping and handling included with each purchase.

Things to Consider:

  • You must return your box within 12 months of purchase.
  • Media conversion is priced per item. That means that you will most likely end up having to pay a fee beyond the credit included in the original box price. To estimate your total cost in advance, see their full services price list. Otherwise, once the box is received, FOREVER will contact you with the full cost before converting your memories.
view of photos online in a pcloud folder


Want to take scrapbooking to a whole new level? Check out FOREVER Artisan 5 and change the way you scrapbook without having to sacrifice creativity.


  • Purchase software for $99.99 USD.
  • Already have the software? Upgrade for $79.99.
  • Become a pixels2Pages member and receive additional training resources to get the most out of Artisan, Historian and FOREVER. There is a monthly/yearly membership fee.


  • You can either use pre-designed templates or have full creative control with Artisan’s photo-editing tools.
  • Maintain the look of the scrapbook that you love with tens of thousands of digital art files – themes, backgrounds, embellishments and more.

Things to Consider:

  • FOREVER offers a variety of photo books (see Design & Print), so depending on your desired outcome, you will want to compare, review, and select the feature that works well for you.
  • Artisan 5 is scrapbooking software for Windows (64-bit) and download only for $99.99. You will want to purchase upgrades when available to keep it up to date. Current upgrade cost is $79.99.
  • Originally sold by Creative Memories as Storybook Creator, this product has been available for quite some time and has evolved over the years.

Digital Art

Digital Art packages allow you to dress up and customize your Artisan projects further.  


  • No software update required. When you purchase digital art, you own it.
  • Search by themes, events, content, and designers to find just the right look.


  • Digital art kits come in 12”x12” templates that work on the new 10”x10” books.
  • Prices range from approximately $7 to $42, so there is something for every budget.

Things to Consider:

  • Because you own the content, it can be a good value especially if you plan to use it more than one time or obtain it at a sales price.
  • This is compatible with Artisan 5, Artisan 4 and Storybook Creator 4.


We all want to be in the know and part of the club, right? The FOREVER Club allows you to earn rewards and be a part of the inner circle.  


  • Enjoy 5% savings off almost everything on FOREVER.
  • Earn free FOREVER storage every 3 consecutive months you are a club member
  • Access to secret sales and limited-edition merchandise.


  • Secret sales, limited edition merchandise.
  • Enjoy Members-Only Sessions at FOREVER Live and other FOREVER Events.
  • Learn the latest from the monthly phone call with FOREVER Founder and CEO Glen Meakem.

Things to Consider:

  • You need to pay a monthly fee to be a club Member.
  • FOREVER Club 25 is $25 a month and gives ½ GB storage every three months.
  • FOREVER Club 50 is $50 a month and gives 1 GB storage every three months. 
  • FOREVER Club 100 is $100 a month and gives 2 GB storage every three months.
  • FOREVER Club 250 is $250 a month and gives 5 GB of storage every three months. 


Historian is permanent photo storage software to help you organize and save your family memories on your computer.


  •  Purchase for $129.99 instead of paying a monthly fee.  
  •  No internet connection required because it lives on your computer.  


  • You can store photos, video clips and audio files.  
  • Features facial recognition.
  • Easy to learn and provides a wide range of editing tools, including photo restoration.

Things to Consider:

  • Not sure you trust the cloud as a permanent photo storage solution? Historian’s vault is unique. It brings your photos together in one place on your computer to make them easy to find and share.
  • An internet connection is needed when the product is downloaded.
  • Because you are purchasing software, there are no automatic updates to keep it from becoming outdated. You may decide in the future to purchase updated versions and will then need to transfer your saved files to the new software.


Lisa here! I am an Ambassador with FOREVER and would love to share my experiences with you, so feel free to contact me with your questions. Here are some features about the Ambassador program and why you will want to work with me when navigating FOREVER. I can’t wait to help you get started!


  • Connecting with an Ambassador, is like having your own personal guide to help you share your stories, print your favorite moments, and save your photos for generations to come.
  • In addition to using the products ourselves, Ambassadors have access to resources and training. We are here to help answer your questions and walk you through all that Forever has to offer.


  • I am local. Even if you live outside of the Midwest, you can bet that I am a real person.
  • As a photo organizer, FOREVER aligns with my passion to help organize and preserve your memories. You will have a hard time finding someone more passionate about photo storage and organization than me (and FOREVER).  

Things to Consider:

  • If you have fallen in love with FOREVER and want to learn about becoming an Ambassador too, contact me. I would love to help you get set up.
  • As an Ambassador you earn commission selling products that help people.

HOPE Organizing is glad that you joined us for this edition of HOPE Recommends. FOREVER offers such a wide variety of solutions and permanent photo storage solutions when it comes to storing and sharing your memories; it can be hard to know where to start and what will serve your needs best. As an Ambassador and Professional Photo Organizer, contact me with any questions you have or schedule your free consultation to discuss your photo organizing needs. I would love to help you save your memories FOREVER.  

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  1. Seana Turner

    Wow, this is a lot of information. I’ve never heard of FOREVER, but I can see the many benefits. I like that you actually buy and own the storage, instead of renting it. It seems like so many products are moving to a subscription model, and than can really be hard on the wallet!

  2. Lisa Tonjes Moritz

    Thanks Seana – It might not be for everyone but it is a great solution for many!


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