Photo Scanning

Scanning your photos is the best way to preserve your memories for future generations. Once the photo is in a digital version, you can save and share everywhere that is important to you.

Why choose HOPE to scan your family photos?

  • We offer all inclusive pricing (most of the “others” are going to charge you an add-on for the following)
    • Flashdrive with all your scans
    • 600 dpi, the best resolution for enlarging
    • Photos rotated to the proper orientation
    • Photos divided into digital folders
    • 2-side scans (to preserve that notes on the back)
    • We will store your digital images for a minimum of six months
  • Lisa or Joanne is scanning your photos and getting to know you and your family through your photos
  • If you are in the Omaha Metro area, you can hand the photos to the person that will be doing your scanning. All scanning is done in Lisa’s Home Office (near 36th & Dodge). We will also arrange a pick up if you have a larger project.

Scanning Prices

Standard Photo Scanning

Specialty Photo Scanning


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