Photo Organizing

Digital Photo Organizing
We will help you create a digital hub, so that all of your digital photos are in one place and easy to find. If you are on a PC or a Mac, we will figure out the best structure to help you keep your photos for years to come. Removing duplicates and adding metadata will make will make enjoying your photos in the future even easier.
Printed Photo Organizing
Do you have photos in boxes and albums all over your home? We will help you organize the photos in a plan customized to your family memories. Most of all getting them all into one place, so you that you can enjoy them.
Memorabilia Organizing
Have you been saving kids art, ticket stubs and maps for many years but not giving them special attention they deserve. We will help you determine what is really important and worth keeping and create a personalized solution for saving your memories
Scanning and Digitizing
In todays world, if you can’t share a photo online, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist. We have commercial photo scanners that will take your printed photographs or documents and quickly convert them into digital images. Making it easier to Share and Save your memories.
Would you like to have books to celebrate a special event, trip or an annual family album. We can help you make the special book that you just don’t have time to create.
Video Scrapbook
Do you have a significant event coming up in your life? We woul love to help you create a special video for a special birthday or anniversary.
Cloud Storage and Backup
Do you automatically back up all the photos on your phone? Do you back up your computer on a regular basis? We will help you find the best type of back up that gives you peace of mind that you will never loss a special photo.
Archival and Digital Products
We will help you find the best products to store and share your precious memories.
Reasons you may need Photo Organizing
  • Do you have a lifetime of photos in drawers, bags and boxes?
  • Are your photos sitting on a memory card or lost somewhere on your computer?
  • Do you have old albums that are yellow and faded?
  • Do you need help understanding changing technology?
  • Did you inherit boxes of photos?
  • Are you getting ready to move or downsize?
  • Would you like to digitize your media to pass on to family members?
  • Do you need help backing up your photos?
Don’t see the service you are looking for above? Just ask, if we can’t do it, we have a partner that can help.

Lisa is currently the only person doing Photo Organizing in Omaha as a member of APPO.