Top 10 reasons to hire a Photo Organizer for your digital collection


Hiring a photo organizer is a good investment. Having your photo collection in a digital format is the first step in preserving your memories. Next you will want to ensure that your collection is securely stored and organized. Hiring a photo organizer like HOPE Organizing is a good investment for many reasons. Let’s explore ten reasons you should hire a professional photo organizer for your digital collection.  

Photo Organizer Assisting Client

1. Software is always changing

Whether you love or hate reading new software reviews, it can be intimidating to purchase software, especially when it comes to preserving your family memories. An often-overlooked reason for hiring a photo organizer is software and storage solutions. Lisa has a passion for researching and trying all the different software products as they come out. Leave it to her to  match storage solutions with your individual needs, and if something better is introduced, she will let you know. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the guesswork out of saving your images?

2. Work Remotely

Instead of having to carve out time to meet in person, wouldn’t you rather spend your free time living life and capturing the memories? Digital organization services are great because they can be done remotely. Lisa has been offering remote services for years. Zoom meeting work great to talking Face to Face meeting and because we can take control of your computer through Zoom. The meetings can be recorded so you  can reference it in the future.

Photo Organizer

3. Organization

Organizing your photo collection is important. Without it, finding that specific photo becomes a chore and results in time wasted as well as frustration. Ask yourself these questions. If you have a system in place, does it work well for you? Have you stayed consistent when new and outside images are added? Did you set up a system but still have a hard time locating images easily? Do you feel like taking the time to put a new system in place is just too daunting? HOPE Organizing can help! Like a successful diet, you must have a plan that is going to work for your photos now and in the future or it will not be maintained. During your free consultation, Lisa will determine your organization needs and provide you with the tools to succeed. You can even set up a maintenance plan to stay organized!

4. Duplicate Finding Software

There is more to duplicate finding software than simply detecting identical images. Photo Organizers have the knowledge regarding which duplicate prints should be kept and which should be removed. We also know what to look for when determining the best image to keep, so leave it to us to reduce your collection of duplicates. Also, when thinning your collection, wouldn’t it be nice to have an impartial, professional opinion on which photos to keep from the bunch?  

Photo Organizer

5. Photo Organizers provide an outside prespective

When looking through your pictures, it can be difficult to delete a photo, even a bad one. Although technology has come a long way, if you take 10 photographs, chances are you will have only 1-2 that are exceptional. As a photo organizer, Lisa can help you determine which photos to eliminate because she does not get caught up in the memories. Instead she focuses on photo quality. With HOPE Organizing’s years of experience, we can help you select the images that best tell the story.

6. Time is money

Like the saying goes, “time is money.” Your time is valuable and employing professionals to care and maintain your valuable assets makes good financial sense. Take for example your vehicle. Owning and maintaining it is a big investment, so unless you have mechanical knowledge, it is wise to trust a licensed mechanic to care for your vehicle. Photo Organizers view your memories and photo collections as invaluable because they tell the story of your family’s past and can live on for generations to come. Instead of taking the time to try to learn all the “dos and don’ts” of photo organizing, you can trust us to handle your collection with efficiency and care.  

view of photos online in a pcloud folder

7. Project Completion

Like many, you probably have a “to do” list that grows with never-ending tasks. As a photo organizing company, HOPE Organizing obviously feels that having your digital photo collection organized and stored properly should be at the top of everyone’s list. However, as parents, spouses, and homeowners, we also understand why it may not even make your top five most days. We can help! By hiring a professional to take over this task you will be able to cross it off your list once-and-for-all and move onto your next project. If someone asks what you have been doing, you can then proudly tell them that you organized your entire digital collection. Nobody needs to know that you turned it over to us – unless you refer them!

8. Leave a legacy for your family

There are many motivations for capturing a moment, but one of the most impactful is to leave a legacy for your family to have for generations. Photo organizing assistant, Joanne recently shared her story about losing a friend to cancer at age 48 in Planning with HOPE. Take the time now to ensure your digital collection is organized and stored properly, so if you should have to put together a video slideshow for a loved one’s funeral, you will have the images at your fingertips. Having an organized collection is also a gift that you will leave for those that you love so they can continue to enjoy the memories you have created together.

permanent photo storage

9. Going digital clears space in your home

Digitizing your photo collection has many benefits and ideally you will partner with us to have your entire collection digitized and saved at some point. The process can take months to complete, however, especially if you have albums that have been passed down from generation to generation. We recommend starting with your digital images and current photos first and will set up a system that works for your entire collection, so you can enjoy feeling organized moving forward. Then, simply contact us when you are ready to start transferring your older collection when the time is right for your schedule. 

10. Share with family and friends

Remember having double prints made so you could share photos with family and friends? Sometimes they turned out great, but many times there was disappointment when the picture quality was not as hoped. With digital images you can easily share photos with friends and family with a few simple clicks. The only challenge is being able to locate the picture you want to send. When you have your photos organized by a professional, you will be able to find your best memories with ease. We will also work with you to reduce your collection so that you know only the best images are saved (no more pictures of a finger unless that is the intended photo subject).

pcloud folder on pc computer

The real number one reason to hire a photo organizer

The number one reason why you should hire a photo organizer to organize your digital photo collection is because you deserve it! When was the last time you did something to preserve the past and help make the future easier? By having your digital photo collection organized, photos will be easily found, and you will be able to enjoy reliving the memories with family and friends for years to come. As a member of The Photo Managers, HOPE Organizing is able to handle all of your photo organizing and storage needs. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and see how HOPE Organizing can make a difference in your life.

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Originally Posted in August 2020

Updated in November 2023


  1. Janet Schiesl

    I’m there with #7 project completion. I don’t like organizing photos, so hiring someone to keep my moving forward to be helpful. If I was accountable to someone I’d get it done. As it is now, there is always something I’d rather be doing.

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      Though one issue with digital photos is that it’s never done (unless you stop taking pictures)

  2. bolso furla

    Thanks for finally talking about > 10 reasons to hire a Photo Organizer to help
    with your digital collection – HOPE organizing < Loved it!

  3. Seana Turner

    The fact that software and tools are always changing is what makes this project feel so intimidating. I highly value the expertise of an expert when there is a lot of complexity – on any project. I think photo organizing takes a special kind of personality, someone with a lot of patience who loves stories and technology!

  4. Melanie Summers

    The duplicate photo finding software sounds AMAZING! There really is no reason NOT to hire a photo organizer. I always tell my clients to spend less time preserving memories so they can focus on making new ones. Great post!

  5. Linda Samuels

    This is such a great service you provide, especially being able to offer it virtually. When we cleared out my parents’ home several years back, I hired a company to digitize most of their media (photos, videos, 35mm films, and slides.) They gave me two hard drives with everything and also uploaded everything to a website so that our entire family could have remote access. It was a great way to preserve memories and make them accessible for everyone.


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