When you have 10-30 minutes to spare, do one of the following things to help organize your kitchen!

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 15 - spicesClear out ALL of your spices! Do you have a spice rack, a spice drawer and a spice cupboard and a few in the pantry? Get them all out so you can see what you have! (I do this about twice a year)

The stuff we use all the time is on the spice rake next to the stove. The stuff we don’t use all the time goes in the cabinet on a turntable and then all the excess is in a tub in the closet. I then make a list of where everything is located, (in a spreadsheet so it is easy to put in alphabetical order) and tape to the inside of the cabinet.

We no longer end up with duplicates because we didn’t know we already had some Allspice or Fennel!

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 16 - cabinetPick a kitchen cabinet and clear it at and organize it so that it makes sense for the way you are living now!

I just cleaned our a “drinking” cabinet. We had all our nice glass glasses on the first shelf, magic bullet on the 2nd shelf and water bottles and big cups on the 3rd shelf.

I moved most of the glass glasses to another cabinet out of the way because the only time we use all of them is when we have guests, I loved the cups over since we are using them more for hot tea everyday, moved some of the magic bullet up to the top shelf because I no longer make smoothies every day and the big comes moved down because I use those every day for water.

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 17 - cabinetTry using some hooks inside your kitchen cabinets!

Command hooks are great for measuring cups and spoons! Makes them easy to grab and uses the “empty space”

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 18 - small appliancesPull out ALL of your small kitchen appliances and think about the last time your used them. If its been more than a year – make a point to use it this week or two and if you don’t use it – donate it! Make more space in your cabinets and counters!

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 19 - clean out a drawerClear out a drawer in your kitchen!

Use a drawer divider and put Like with Like and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year!

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -19 - freezerTake out everything out of the freezer. (throw out the stuff that can’t be identified first)

Divide it into categories! We have meats, fruit, veggies, carbs (bread, potato and pasta), non food (ice packs, etc.) and then an ice cream shelf.

We basically have a shelf for each section but I also recommend freezer baskets or other things to “containerize” things.

Make sure everyone else knows about the zone – otherwise its hard to keep it up!

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -20 - cookbookGet all your cookbooks in one place and then sell/donate all the books you haven’t opened in years. (it is okay to hold to special family keepsakes)

Be honest, don’t you get most of your recipes from Pinterest or another website!

When we clean out cookbook last year, we moved them into the old telephone shelf in our dining room. Since it is a small limited space, we may need to get rid of one to add a new one. (the one in, one out rule)

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  1. Emily Turner

    Great post! I spend most of my time in the kitchen and I like it to be organized and in order. It’s great to learn and read about different storing ways. Greetings


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