#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -22 - hangers backwards

Turn all your hangers backward! Put a note in the back of your closet so you remember the date! When you wear something and hang it back up – in 6-12 months (whatever you are comfortable with) you can see exactly what you have worn!

If I am getting close to my “donate date”, the items I am not exactly sure about, I wear to an event that I know people will compliment me on my outfit if it is cute. If nobody says anything, it confirms that it is time to LET IT GO




#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -23- purses

1-Gather all your purses in one place

2-Empty them all out – check all the pockets (I once found $100 in an inside pocket of a little cocktail purse I had used in Vegas about 10 months prior)

3-Find a small basket or bin (preferably with a lid) that can sit near entry/exit way that you can keep the things that sometimes you want in our purse and sometimes you don’t. For example, I keep a little wallet that I use in small purses. It also where I keep my credit card device that I only need when meeting with clients.

4-Be honest with yourself – will you really carry that purse again?

5-Figure out the best storage (in one place) for the remaining bags.*

*There are SO many ideas for storing your bags that it will require another post. It really depends on the size of your bags and size of your storage space.

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -24- hangers

Use only one type and color of hangers. You will be surprised at how much more organized things will look with just this simple idea. Your mind just focuses on the clothes and is not distracted by all the different hangers.

This will be one of the few time that I recommend buying something new. I personally prefer Huggable Hangers but plastic work well also. (that is what my husband uses)

If you don’t have all one type and can’t afford to buy some new ones – try to divide your hangers by type or color and put certain clothes on certain hangers (example: short sleeve shirts on blue and long sleeve shirts on white, etc)



#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -25- jewelry

Take out all your jewelry and sort “like with like” and then figure out a way that you can easily see things without them getting tangled or hidden.

I have a lovely jewelry box that my husband bought me years ago but before that, I hung my necklaces on a painted cork board to match my wall. Any inexpensive way to store rings or earrings – I ice cube tray in a drawer.






#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -26- socks

Time to sort your socks!

The best way to sort your socks is to have all one type of white and all one type of black and then you never have to “match up” socks.

Personally, I like fun socks so I fold them in drawer dividers and put athletic socks in one spot, short sock in section, knee highs in another and then I also keep my tights in the same drawer.





#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -27- boots


Stand up your boots! If they are standing up, they will “look better” and it will be easier to find the ones you are looking for!

My favorite way to do this is with pool noodles. I can get three boots out of one noodle. Another ideas is the roll up a magazine (though this can sometimes be a little heavy)





#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -28- shoes

Kick some shoes out of the closet! Most people keep going back to only a few pairs of shoes. If you have your shoes organized, typically you will need to get rid of one pair to make room for a new pair.

When I turn my hangers around (tip 22), I also put a little note in with each pair of shoes (It only takes about 15 minutes) When I wear the shoes, I take the note out. In 6 to 12 months, it the note is still there, I have proof I don’t wear the shoes.

I use Neat Containers for my shoes!





#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -29- tshirts

Time to sort through all your T-shirts! Are you really holding on to shirts from college (10 years ago). Just because you get something for free – doesn’t mean your have to keep it (or even take it in the first place.

Try to rid yourself of 5 T-shirts!






#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -30- File don't pile

“File” don’t Pile the clothes in your drawers. I know you think I am crazy but what I mean is to fold your clothes slightly different and place them next to each other instead of on top of each other.

If you do this, it is much easier to see what you have in the drawer. No moving 5 things to get to the 6th one under them.

Bonus: (kind of like the hangers backward task) When putting things away after doing laundry, starting putting them on one side of the drawer. After a few weeks or months, it will be clear which items you haven’t taken out to wear in awhile.





#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -31- undies When was the last time you went through your under garments? Throw out anything that that has holes and anything that that is not comfortable or does not fit.







#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -32 - Neck coverings

Time to sort through everything that ties around your neck! What scarves and ties to you never wear!

Find somewhere in your local community that has a Career Closet to donated any of your professional wear.

In Omaha, Heartland Family Service has a closet for both men and women and the Women’s Center for Advancement provides career clothes for women.






#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -33 - sweaters

Are you digging to find your sweaters?

Personally, I only wear cardigans and I have chosen to hang them with my jackets on hangers with “shoulders” so they don’t leave marks.

Instead of stacking them in a drawer, hold them like you typically do and then roll them. Depending on the depth of your drawer, you likely can take up the same space with rolling or stacking BUT with rolling, you can see exactly what you have.

When folding cardigans, fold the opening to the back. Makes it much easier to fold and roll.




#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -34 - belts

Do you have a bunch of glasses? I only buy “cheap” glasses because they break or get loss so easily. Pull out any you haven’t worn in last year. I suggest storing them close to where you leave the house – like a coat closet.







#OrganizeWithHOPE100 -35 - glasses

 Do you have a bunch of glasses? I only buy “cheap” glasses because they break or get loss so easily. Pull out any you haven’t worn in last year. I suggest storing them close to where you leave the house – like a coat closet.


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