On January 1, 2007, My life was truly in a totally different place! I was living in my first home purchase (June 2006), I was single and unemployed! After college, I spent 10 years working in banking, mostly as a branch manager and at the end of 2006, I came to a crossroads and quit a job that had been making me miserable for about 18 months.

In March 2007, I had been applying for all kinds of management jobs but the ideal job was not coming my way with ease! For years, my mother had been talking about MK Mueller and referring to her books and tapes when I came to a MK graduationpersonal struggle. One positive thing that the job I hated provided was the opportunity to hear MK speak and a brief chance to meet the women my mother had mentioned for year! On the last day possible, I signed up for her 3 day training retreat in Omaha to become an 8 to Great trainer. At some point during that training, I stated that it was my dream to become a Professional Organizer. By the end of that month, I had joined the National Association of Professional Organizers, purchased a training book on how to become a Professional Organizer and picked the name Helping Organize People Everyday (H.O.P.E.).


I owe MK Mueller a great deal of gratitude for her support of my business and my life! She was was one of my very first clients and allowed me to work with her several times before she moved to Kansas City. My first website was designed by her web designer/friend and several clients have contacted me from her referral! I also wrote a list of everything I was looking for in a guy while going working through her book and shortly before I got married in April 2010, I found that list and my husband, Bruce fit every single item on that list.

MK at weddingSince, HOPE Organizing is turning eight this year, I plan on making this my “8 To Great” year! I have BIG goals for 2015 and plan to share those with you through out the year! The first goal is work with more clients in 2015 than all prior years combined. I also, what to share more simple ideas to Help Organize People Every day!

 Buy the Book! 8 To Great!




Starting January 1, 2015, I will share a tip every day for 100 days!

Organize with HOPE - square 100

Since many people have a goal to get organized in the new year, my HOPE is to help you with that goal. As always, I am available to come to your home or business (in person or virtually) to help you get organized and create a plan to keep you organized in 2015 and beyond! HOPEfully, you will also have an 8 to Great year! 

Schedule an appointment today! Lisa@HOPEorganizing.com or 402.350.3220


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  1. MK Mueller

    Thank you Lisa! I could write about how much you helped ME gain HOPE through organizing my incredibly creative mind.I so love remembering the light in your eyes when you \”got\” your dream visions and started to grow them. It\’s MY dream to come true to help thousands to that \”aha\” every year.So together, we ARE bringing HOPE and HAPPINESS to the world. I\’m so grateful for your friendship and for all the lives you\’re touching. Blissings!


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