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Nixplay offers digital frames to help families stay connected. 

HOPE recommends Nixplay digital frames to help you stay connected with friends and family. I purchased my first Nixplay digital frame in 2019 at The Photo Managers conference and I have never looked back! 

Since my purchase, I have had the opportunity to help my clients set up their own Nixplay Digital Frames. This device provides me and my clients with a way to view memories every single day. 

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Nixplay offers different lines of digital photo frames. They have unique features and come in a variety of sizes, so it is easy to find the perfect fit for your home or office (I have three). With a one year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, they make a great solution to reconnect friends and family during these unique times. 

So, let’s take a closer look at what Nixplay has to offer and see why HOPE recommends Nixplay.  

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Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frames 

The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame is nice because it can be mounted on your wall or set on a shelf, counter or table in landscape or portrait mode and comes in three different frame finishes to match your home decor. The Smart Photo Frame comes in a variety of sizes – choose from 8 inches, 9.7 inches, 10 inches and 15.6 inches or buy more than for a focal wall that displays your latest photos. 


  • Wi-Fi Cloud Frame
  • Connects with Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr
  • Video Playback
  • Able to be mounted on the wall
  • Has a motion sensor (to turn on and off)
  • Prices of range from $139.99 to $349.99 (but they run sales often)

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Why Nixplay?

I love Nixplay for my family because it allows me to create unlimited playlists with a standard free account. I have tried a few other Smart Frames on the market, but many others require payment for this feature. Each of the Nixplay playlists can hold up to 2000 photos. I often organize my playlists by Holidays, Years, Months, Anniversaries or People. If you’re like me and have multiple Nixplay devices in your home, you can update the name and images on each device from your phone.  

Print Shop 

Nixplay offers a print shop directly from their app or website. Through the Nixplay app, you can print a wide range of personalized photo products, including large-format prints, drinkware, and greeting cards. Here are some of the things you can create with the app: 

  • Photo Boosk
  • Wall Art – Canvas, Mounted, Framed, Metal Wood, Rustic Wood and Acrylic Prints. 
  • Framed Prints
  • Standard Prints 
  • Mobile Phone Cases
  • Puzzles
  • Mugs and Drinkware 
  • Textile Gifts
  • Ornaments

Not sure about using the app? It is pretty straightforward and simple to use.

Nixplay Plus Membership

Your Standard Nixplay Frame plan features 10 GB of video and picture storage, with unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox and emailed photos. However, if you need to expand your cloud storage, then Nixplay Plus is a reasonably priced plan with 30 GB of storage to hold all of your memories.

Let’s look at the difference between Nixplay Standard and Nixplay Plus

Nixplay Standard at a glance

  • Free
  • 5 frames per account
  • Cloud Storage Photos – unlimited
  • Cloud Storage Video – 5 GB Storage
  • Video duration up to 2 min
  • 5 Playlists
  • Print Shop Discount up to 20%

Nixplay Plus at a glance

  • $49.99/yr
  • 10 frames per account
  • Cloud Storage Photos – unlimited
  • Cloud Storage Video – 50 GB Storage
  • Video duration up to 15 sec.
  • Unlimited Shared Playlists
  • 25% Frame Discount
  • Print Shop Discount up to 80%
  • In-app Photo Editing
  • Exclusive Frames
  • Priority Support

Stay Connected 

As a Nixplay owner and Photo Organizer, HOPE recommends Nixplay as a solid product that will help your family stay current and connected. I have met a representative in person and was impressed with their dedication and passion for providing quality digital photo frames.

I was also impressed to learn that they have partnered with  Trees for the Future. For every frame purchased, a tree seed is planted in Africa. So, in addition to an excellent product, it is nice to know that this company truly cares about us and the world we share. 

If you find yourself excited by what Nixplay has to offer but wonder how you will determine (and find) the pictures to display, we are here to help! 

Just like Nixplay, we have a passion for helping people stay connected with loved ones and with the past through photo memories. Schedule your free consultation today with HOPE Organizing. Every family’s collection is unique, so we will take the time to learn about your individual needs.

Ultimately, we want you to be able to have an organized digital photo collection so you will have peace of mind that your memories are secure. Being able to easily locate a cherished memory is an awesome benefit too. See our past blog to learn 10 Reasons to Hire a Photo Organizer.  

We look forward to helping you organize your photos so you can quickly pick the right images to share on your new Nixplay digital photo frame!

In December 2023, Nixplay’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Barlow did a call with Cathi Nelson the founder of The Photo Managers they called a Gift Along and he set up a gift for someone so you can set up yours in real time along with him.  

Lisa Tonjes Moritz is excited to be part of the first Nixplay Consumer Council!

1st Published in August 2020

Updated in December 2023

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  1. Melanie

    Great breakdown! My daughter would stare at a digital frame like this for hours! Hahaha. Better than tv, for sure.

  2. Linda Samuels

    For her birthday, my friend asked her kids to get her a digital photo frame. I don’t know which brand they got, but it allowed them to upload photos to her frame remotely and “surprise” her with new photos. She loves it, especially because her kids don’t live close by. I have a client who has something similar that keeps her connected with her granddaughter and great-grandchildren. It sounds like Nixplay offers many great features and helps keep families connected in a very 21st century way.


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