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Introducing Mylio – Your new favorite photo-organizing tool

Are you tired of searching through old photo albums or thousands of images in your camera roll, just to find one photo? I take pictures of practically everything, but combing through these images can be incredibly overwhelming at the end of the day. Mylio is my favorite solution to this issue – a one-stop platform that will revolutionize how you manage and organize your photos. 

Have you ever been trying to craft a birthday post for a friend or family member? You know there is a perfect image somewhere in your camera roll, but the ultimate struggle is finding it. Mylio allows users to add tags to their images so that they know exactly who is in each photo. This allows users to share the images that they love most with friends and family in a painless way. 

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  • One-Stop Photo Hub: Mylio effectively condenses all of your images so that they are in the same place. You will no longer need to worry about looking through your camera roll, laptop photos, and hard drive, to find one image. Everything will be in one, easily accessible place, and ready to share. 
  • Seamless Synchronization (Mylio+): If you take an image on your phone, the same photo will automatically synch to upload on your computer. You will no longer have to waste time transferring files to different devices; they will all be in one place.
  • Easy Backup (Mylio+): If the worst happens and your phone is damaged beyond repair, you won’t need to worry about your photos. Mylio can automatically back up the images that you take on any device. With Mylio, you can focus on repairing your phone, not recollecting your family memories. 


Image displaying how Mylio can be used to show how images have been tagged

  • Simple Organization: With the ability to create folders and tags to identify people and places, Mylio makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. When making a special slideshow for a wedding, or even just a birthday post, you want to be able to find what you need quickly. This is my favorite feature about Mylio, and makes photo organization accessible to all. 
    • Facial recognition – you identify the people that are most important to you and Mylio finds their photos throughout your library
    • Location – if you have the GPS turned on to the camera on your phone, it can pinpoint the exaction spot you took each photo if the photo was taken with a camera or even scanned, you can add a location on the map
    • AI-generated smart tags can find objects, activities, text, and visual properties so you don’t have to.

Image of a map with different photos across it - showing that images can be found based on GPS location

  • Editing Features: Mylio has a section of simple editing features so that you don’t have to go to a completely different platform to edit an image. When using outside platforms, it can be difficult to differentiate between copies and determine which photos have been edited. Additionally, this can free up space on your computer because you won’t need to download multiple of the same image. However, if you are a Photoshop or Lightroom user and want to continue to edit in those software programs, Mylio makes it easy to switch back and forth between the programs. 

Free vs. Paid

The features on Mylio seem to be endless. There is a free version of the platform which offers many of these perks to members including privacy controls, guided import, metadata, and editing tools. If you want more tools, you can opt to purchase Mylio+, the paid platform version. For $9.99 each month, users will have the ability to easily sync their Mylio library across multiple devices, delete duplicates, create custom photo spaces, and protect the entire library in case of an incident. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual photographer or a professional, Mylio can adapt to fit anyone’s needs with its useful features. If you need a portfolio organized, work showcased, or protected, Mylio will work for you. Give one of my favorite photo-organizing platforms a try!

Lisa recently obtained her Mylio certification and is ready to assist you with your Mylio needs! Need more help getting your photos organized? Schedule a 20-minute consultation now.



  1. Julie Bestry

    Mylio sounds like it’s worth checking out, especially for the A/I generation of smart tags. I’m curious, though, whether it integrates with photos you already have taken (on your phone, in iCloud, etc.) or if it only works with photos you take after you’ve installed Mylio.

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      You can really bring in photos from anywhere. (they make it pretty easy)

  2. Seana Turner

    I’ve never heard of Mylio. Sounds like a great tool. I am on the Apple platform and use photos, which I believe has some similar capabilities. Is there an aspect of this that you prefer over what is available via Apple photos?

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      I think Apple photos is a great option for people who use iPhone and Macs. (and they have enough room on their computer to download all their photos to their Mac so they can be properly backed up) Mylio is ideal for PC users and/or Android users. The only time I would recommend to an Apple user is if it is a shared collection. For example, parents and 3 kids all want easy access to the family photos – shared albums on Apple can have some drawbacks so, maybe they all sign into one Myiio+ account.

  3. Kay Sallach

    It sounds great. I’m so hesitant, though, to spend the time getting pictures into the platform and learn later that one must sign onto the “PLUS” version in order to make it really usable. On the other hand, a service that will provide all you need for dealing with your photos is probably worth the $$. How limiting is the free version? Is it of value if you never upgrade? Is there a ceiling on the # of photos?

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      The free version allows you to work on one device. (I would recommend that be a computer) The biggest benefit to the paid version is that it allows you to sync your memories across devices and create multiple backups. (stayed tuned as my next blog is about the cost of your photos)


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