Memorabilia Organizing

Do you have boxes of your children’s artwork and schoolwork that you don’t know what to do with?

Do you have maps and brochures from your travels that you would like to find a meaningful way to preserve?

We work with clients in 3 ways.

Done for you (most popular)

Client works with us on the who/what/when/where (in a general sense) and then we take everything back to our office (or we gather remotely) and start the project with weekly check-ins and occasional questions.

Done with you

The client and Lisa work together on the sorting/organizing in the client’s home or office. If anything needs to be scanned or photographed, those items are taken back to our office.

Done by you

Lisa will meet with the client for 2-3 hours and get them started and give them direction to work on the project for themselves. (We rarely do this as most people decide it’s more than they want to take on for themselves)

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