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Kid’s Artwork: Memories to Last a Lifetime

Have you ever found yourself in a precarious balancing act, trying to find the perfect spot for yet another  masterpiece from your child? Well, fear not, because today we’re diving into the colorful world of saving kids’ artwork, and trust me, it’s an adventure worth cherishing!

The Masterpieces That Tug at Heart Strings

Remember that adorable stick figure family your child drew? You know, the one with you, the dog, and even the seemingly three-legged cat? It’s a masterpiece that not only showcases their artistic progression but also captures a moment in time. These little doodles are time capsules of your child’s creative journey and, in the future, you’ll find yourself smiling nostalgically as you remember the innocence and imagination they held in those tiny hands.

The Confidence Boosters

Kids’ artwork isn’t just about splashes of paint and wobbly lines; it’s about building confidence and self-expression. Displaying their art proudly on the fridge or a dedicated “gallery wall” communicates that you value their efforts and ideas. And let’s not forget the beaming smiles when they see their masterpiece front and center—those smiles are like golden tickets to an art lover’s heart!

The Hilarious Interpretations

Who knew a purple elephant with six legs and a pineapple on its back could be so entertaining? Kids have an uncanny ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through artwork. Each drawing tells a story, often accompanied by the most unexpected (and utterly hilarious) explanations. Saving these artworks is like collecting little snippets of their evolving imaginations, ready to spark laughter at family gatherings for years to come.

Just because you decide to save your child’s art, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be the original piece. Once every few months, I have my son go through all of his art. We make three different piles to divide the artwork and determine what will be done with each piece.


These works of art are ones that we deem especially important. They will go into a pile, which we then take photos of in our Shotbox. You can either decide to keep the original copy, or you can throw the art knowing that you have a digital copy to look back on for years to come. I highly recommend finding a way to display a few in your home. The fridge is not the only places it can be the center of attention. There are all kind of frames that are easy to change out, we even have our sons art on the wall next to a large painting by a local artist. We used Good Hangups on the wall but they are currently sold out. 


In this pile, we place art that my son would like to give to someone else. Whenever we go to visit his grandparents, we always have a stack of art waiting to be placed on their fridge. They love receiving his creations and getting a chance to display them for a while. These items also make fun mail for other family members and friends.


In this pile, we have the art that is ready to go in the trash/recycling. Oftentimes, I look through these works to see if there are any we want to take photos of. When we first began this process, I would take a picture of every paper before throwing any of them away. As you become more comfortable, you can move towards just ditching them.

In a world where technology often steals the spotlight, saving kids’ artwork is a delightful way to remind ourselves and our children of the joy of good old-fashioned creativity. We can also utilize technology to preserve these memories to last a lifetime!

Still struggling with ideas on how you can save your kid’s artwork? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss all things organizing. 

Coming soon … a mini-course on handling your Kid’s Keepsakes 


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