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Can you relate to any of the following situations?

“I will send you that document when I get home, once I can access my computer.” 

“I have a great picture from the last family reunion. It’s on my iPad though.” 

“My phone is dead, otherwise I would show you the latest picture of my dog.”

“I don’t have enough storage left on my phone to download the apps I want.” 

We operate in a world where multiple devices have become the norm for many. Most homes still have a computer that stays put in addition to cell phones, tablets and laptops that go with us out into the world.  Although having technology at our fingertips is convenient, not being able to access information because it is saved somewhere else is not.

For many, life ends up getting split between devices. Photos and videos often live on tablets and phones,  while important documents sit on our home computers. This isn’t absolute though and can be easy to have information scattered between all devices with no real organizational plan on where to later retrieve them. Your first thought might be to just keep everything on your phone for easy access, but that leads to security and storage issues. In fact it can be dangerous without a system to back up your data. Many a photo has been lost for good due to the death of a phone.

We have a better solution and it’s called pCloud. It operates like an external hard drive that you can take with you wherever you go and access content from any of your devices. It doesn’t use up valuable storage space on your computer, phone or devices.  Let’s look at how it works and why we like it as a solution to simplify and organize your pictures and documents. 

view of photos online in a pcloud folder

pCloud provides up to 10GB Free Storage

Working much like well-known Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, pCloud offers access to storage for free. In fact, they offer 10GB storage space for free! Compared to Dropbox at only 2GB. That’s an impressive amount of storage space available at no cost to you. 

pcloud folders on Mac computer

Automatic Upload

We have enough on our plates these days. The ability to automatically upload from various devices means that your content is always available to you no matter how you captured or saved it without using up storage on your devices. Plus, you won’t have to schedule time to manually transfer pictures and documents from one piece of tech to another.  As a bonus, pCloud allows you to divide your uploaded content instead of lumping it into one file. 

pcloud folder on pc computer

Sending Large Files? No problem with pCloud

Ever try to email someone a picture just to have it rejected because the file size was too large? pCloud features no file size or bandwith limitations. Plus, the time it takes to upload large files with pCloud is impressively fast. To show just how speedy, their YouTube Channel tested the upload speed using the same large file on both pCloud and Dropbox. Dropbox took over 5 minutes to upload a large file, but the same file took pCloud less than a minute.

Other pCloud features we like

  • Shared family plan option available (see Need more than 10GB?).

  • Not just for photos – pCloud can help you also organize all your files like videos, music and documents.

  • Easily set photos in a folder to run as a slideshow. 

  • Play music or videos within pCloud’s app/website.

  • Send up to 5GB encrypted data. Simply select and give recipients a personally chosen password to access the files. pCloud never requires the recipient to register or sign up to retrieve the data.  

  • Complimentary 30-day rewind feature – you can access deleted content for up to 30 days. If you want to go back further than that, you can pay extra to rewind up to 1 year.  

  • You can sync to files on your computer. For example, my mother-in-law’s photos are in the PHOTOS folder on her computer (which is synced to pCloud). I can open her pCloud on my computer (either by logging into her account or she can share with me) and it just syncs back to her computer. 
pcloud in a web browser

Need more than 10GB?

You receive up to 10GB free, but there are ways to increase this further:

Payment Plans

    • Premium – gives you up to 500GB
    • Premium Plus – gives you up to 2T
    • Choose between monthly, yearly or lifetime plans. Save 20% with yearly plans and 65% with lifetime plans (compared to monthly).
    • Family – a one-time payment gives you and four other family members (5 people total) 2TB Lifetime storage to share. This plan gives secure storage shared with family members. It also features “Fair share” where shared folders use storage only from the owner of the folder, and “2TB download link traffic” generated when people download/stream content from your download links.

Tell a Friend

    • pCloud referral plan – everyone that you refer gets a Premium account ($5 value) for one month for free. When they continue past the first month, you receive a $5 credit.
    • Invite Friends Challenge! – like the name says, invite as many friends as you can and get 1GB each plus enter to win 500GB space for a lifetime. 
    • Affiliate program – sign up to receive an affiliate program link and start sharing information about pCloud with everyone you know. You can choose to earn 100% of the first monthly payment for each new client that signs up with your code or 20% of each recurring monthly payment for each referral. Marketing materials and support are provided to help you promote pCloud


  • Android Phone Photos do not retain their GPS location data in Automatic Upload
  • Download links are limited to 20,000 folders or 50,000 files (which has never been an issue for us but it was an issue for another photo organizer)
  • When choosing to SYNC with a folder on your computer, it can be confusing

At HOPE Organizing our goal is to help you get the most from your memories. We feel that if it was important enough to stop and capture the moment or save a document, you should be able to easily access it in the future. With pCloud, you can. Imagine being able to access all your photos, videos, music and documents on any of your devices, anytime it is convenient for you. What a great way to know everything is secure and readily available without using device storage space.

We use pCloud at HOPE Organizing and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Schedule your free consultation today and let’s talk about how pCloud and HOPE Organizing can help organize your digital life. 

Original Post Date – June 2020

Updated Post Date – April 2022

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