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Do you ever hear someone say “I really regret taking that picture”? I mean I’m sure that some photos are regrettable but those are mostly from your wild and crazy teens and twenties.  

Like a lot of people, I don’t really like having my picture taken! (I wish I lost some weight, I need a haircut, I don’t have any make-up on, etc…..) I have really made an effort since my son was born to make sure I get in as many pictures as possible and I try to get in take photos of my son with his family and friends as much as possible. 

I challenge you to get in the picture at least once a month! These pictures don’t have to be shared on social media or placed in a frame in your home. These pictures are taken so that you and your family and friends can remember the moment or that future generations can get an idea of what YOUR life was like in the 2020s. 

How do I get in the picture?

Professional Photos

Have a professional take photos! I’m not saying have a professional take photos of you every month but if you can do it once a year or even every 2-3 years, you will be giving your family a gift.

  • Family photos 
  • Family mini-sessions (this has become common)
  • Headshots and/or branding photos for your business
  • Hire a photographer for a family celebration (I hired a photographer for my 50th birthday party and I didn’t have to worry about taking pictures all night and I know that I have a photo of everyone that attended)
  • Travel photos (I think anyone that goes to Disney World for at least two days should do their picture packages, it’s an opportunity to get a lot a great in a variety of places)

Ask someone else!

This one is the hardest in my opinion! It can be difficult to ask someone to take your picture. You don’t know if they have an eye for taking photos, if they like to take photos, or if they will think you are silly for taking photos. 

  • Ask your spouse to capture more photos of you and your kids
  • Ask a friend and be a picture partner and try to take photos of each other
  • Ask a stranger when you are at an event or traveling

Selfie Time

If you follow me at all, you know I love a selfie! It’s always available AND you control how you are captured in the image. Remember a selfie really doesn’t mean a picture of just you, it can be just you but it can also be you and other people as well.

  • Hold your arm out and take a selfie.
  • Prop your phone somewhere and use the timer. 
  • Use a Selfie Stick – I almost ALWAYS have one in my purse or pocket
  • Use a Selfie Stick as a tripod with a remote to take a group photo.

This is the Selfie Stick Tripod* that I currently take with me everywhere! 

Do you have loved ones that shy away from photos?

Challenge your loved ones to also get in the photo with you or someone else they love! Remember to try to find their best angle and make them feel good about themselves! 

  • Try to take photos slightly higher than the subject 
  • People tend to look better standing for seating leaning forward
  • Avoid photos of people eating (unless it’s a child eating something for the first time) 
  • Use portrait mode, it makes the photo look more thought-out

Need more inspiration here are some people I follow on Instagram!

Get in the Picture Challenge!

I CHALLENGE everyone reading this post to Get in the Picture at least once a month! I encourage you to post to social media using the hashtags #HOPEGetInThePicture and #HOPEPictureChallenge and I promise you I will cheer you on!

Bonus Self-Esteem Booster: Change your profile picture on Facebook and let everyone tell you how great you look!


  1. Diane Quintana

    Great post! I was the photographer of all things when my children were growing up. There are very few photos of me around for that very reason. I will try to do better now.D

  2. Jonda Sue Beattie

    This is a great reminder. I rarely take a picture unless it is a special event, and I very rarely will take a selfie. I have one sister who hates to have her picture taken because she is overweight. She has let me take a few if I promise I won’t post them on social media.
    I will work on getting more pictures taken.
    I will also work on deleting a lot of pictures on my phone that have no real meaning or are multiples of the same shot.

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      The great thing about using a selfie stick is you can see yourself and get the best angle. (typically making people look thinner)

  3. Kim

    So true! I have often thought getting regular professional photos done can be a bit much but….I hear ya. This is really an incredible gift for the family. I know I have missed photo opps and have regretted this. I think it’s important to take regular pics. Even if we don’t like our photo we are beautiful at every age.

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      I often look back at pictures and remember thinking I didn’t like the way I looked when I took the photo but looking back later, I really don’t care as much.

  4. Linda Samuels

    Photo-taking is much easier now because of the iPhones and other digital devices. There’s no heavy equipment to lug around, no film to develop, and it’s as instant as Polaroids were/are.

    I understand not wanting to document your life 24/7. But it is wonderful to have some records of who you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with, or what interests you.

    I LOVE taking photos, but sometimes, I need to remind myself to put the camera away and be present with what’s actually happening.

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      It is so important to be in the moment AND capture the moment! I think it can be an easy balance if we take a moment before an event to think about it.

  5. Seana Turner

    My husband always takes pictures of me WAY TOO CLOSE UP. They are never flattering, and then he posts them in our shared family album. Ugh. I mean, nice that he wants to record the moment and all, but he needs some help so the photos come out halfway decent!

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      Can you kindly ask him to step back or not zoom in? 🙂 Maybe a selfie stick (that’s also a tripod) may be a good gift,

  6. Julie Bestry

    I love this challenge idea.

    I take photos all the time; and I have so many prints and digital photos. But I have so few photos of myself, and fewer still that I like. Part of the problem is that most of “my” people don’t take photos often; I’m the only one in my family who has taken any photos in decades, so if you want anything from after 1990, you come to me. That means I’m not in most of those photos. I have lots of vacation shots, but my travel buddy (a brilliant woman and very talented) can’t take a decent photo to save her soul, and every photo is blurry!

    And random strangers don’t know what you’re self-conscious about. (When I take photos, I make sure to obscure a friend’s post-pregnancy tummy or get an angle that makes their smile more natural.) I take a lot of selfies, which feels vain, but I want to capture moments in time. A selfie stick feels indulgent, but maybe it’s worth it. Thanks for the push!

    • Lisa Tonjes Moritz

      A lot of people don’t understand taking photos from the right angles. This is really why I love my selfie stick as it allows me to control the angle. More than once, I have asked someone to take a photo and then turn around and take a selfie with my selfie stick. (I just did it last week) 🙂


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