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Like most people, I don’t love having my picture taken! (And let’s be honest: most women are too busy taking the photos of their families and friends and are often not in the picture.) My personal experience is that I am always thinking, “I don’t have any makeup on” or “I don’t like my hair today” and, of course, “I need to lose some (lots of) weight.”

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No excuses: Get in the picture

This year, I am really trying to “Get in the picture” as I realized it’s not really about me looking at pictures of myself but having pictures for family and remembering certain times in our lives. A few months ago, I had a video made that was clips from the first 18 months of Anderson’s life and one of the first comments I heard from the really cute video was, “You are not in it.” I have also been working on a few projects in celebration of my mom’s 70th birthday and it just makes me so happy to find pictures of just the two of us. It also makes me realize that I need to take advantage of the technology changes that occurred in the 42 years between mine and my son’s births and get in the picture. (Yes, exactly 42 years as he was born on my birthday!)

lisa tonjes moritz, photo organizer, omaha

Have professional photos taken

I recently had the opportunity to at the APPO Conference in Raleigh, NC to have a Lifestyle photo session done by Nick Kelsh!  I almost didn’t take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Nick is a world-renowned photographer and has been on Oprah and the Today show. He was offering a great deal (price) to APPO members and was taking the photos relate to the business we are in…but I almost didn’t do it. I REALLY wanted to lose some weight before I had professional pictures taken because, as we all know, pictures will live online forever. (If you Google “Lisa Tonjes” and click on Images, the first picture that comes up is 10 years old and was from the 6 months I was a brunette!) I had to tell myself to just “Get in the picture” already. I finally told myself, “Just love and accept who you are now,” and then I am making it a goal to take some great family photos in a few months after I lose the weight. It is really all about being my own authentic self.

lisa tonjes moritz, omaha photo organizer

One of my clients takes her grandchildren (each separately ) on trips every year and I keep telling her to get in the picture! That will be the photo that the grandkids will want in a few years and not so many pictures of them alone standing in front of a landmark. I thought I should take my own advice, so I made a point to ask my husband to take some pictures of me and my son on Easter, and I am so happy that I did! I am pretty sure that when Anderson and I work on a project for my 70th birthday, he will be pretty excited to have those pictures.

omaha photo organizer, get in the picture

Final Thoughts

Get in the Picture!!!!! It may mean that you take some selfies (I often feel I look my best in selfies, but remember to take them from “above” and not “below”). Ask others to take pictures of you with family or friends. Share this blog as a reminder.

If you have family or friends who shy away from having their picture taken, encourage them to get in the picture. (Side note: Take flattering pictures of people and delete bad ones. Don’t take pictures of people eating or bending over or when they just woke up; ask yourself: “Would I like this picture of myself?”)

Get in the Picture Challenge!

I CHALLENGE everyone reading this post to Get in the Picture at least once a week! I encourage you to post to social media using the hashtags #GetInThePicture and #GetInThePictureChallenge and I promise you I will cheer you on!

Bonus Self Esteem Booster: Change your profile picture on Facebook and let everyone tell you how great you look!

lisa tonjes moritz, omaha photo organizer


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