Do you have questions about getting organized with HOPE? Here are the answers to the most commonly asked Questions!

What do I need to do before you come?

Spaces: Almost nothing because we want to see your space in the way that you use it every day as it will be easier to help create a customized solution that works for you. Photos – Printed: Gather all the photos into one space, so that we can get a better understanding of what you have. Photos – Digital: Gather all devices, flashdrives, sd cards, etc. (we will send a reminder list when the appointment is scheduled)

  • We ask that you remove pets from the space we will be working for the safety of everyone. (They typically are curious and want to be involved and if we are moving a box or taking a step back during the process we don’t want to step on their feet)
  • If we are organizing your closet, it is very helpful if you have your laundry done before the session. (if we get your collection of 100 t-shirts down to 50 and neatly organized and THEN you wash another 25, we may have to find a new solution)

Do I need to be there when you’re working on my space?

During the first appointment it is imperative for you to be there so we can get an understanding of what is working for you and what your goal is. After the first session, we determine the best course going forward which may include any of the following:

  • We work side by side with the client going through items and defining spaces
  • We work in the home or business while the client is there but working on something else but available for questions
  • We work independently in your home or business. (you give us a key or combo) and ask questions by phone, text or emails.
  • We take work back to the HOPE studio. (typically only with photos but sometimes with paperwork)
  • We are open to do virtual organizing using Facetime or Zoom.

Why should I hire a Professional Organizer?

  • Any outsider can be objective in your space and give you recommendations based on experience and suggestions that you may have never thought of.
  • If you pay someone to do it, you are much more likely to get it done

Do you supply organizing products?

We may make suggestions for products and can shop but shopping is currently charged at the hourly rate.

Will you make me get rid of a lot of stuff?

We will not MAKE you get rid of anything. Everything is YOUR choice but we will make suggestions based on what you have told us about your end goal.

Will you keep my information confidential?

Any work we do together will be kept in complete confidence.

How long will it take to complete a project?

It is very hard to make estimates at the beginning of any project because each situation is so unique. For example, two clients could each give us 5000 photos. One project might take 4 hours and another might take 20 hours based on how those photos are at the “hand off” and what they what the final presentation to be.

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