Tip #39 – Time Yourself!


Set a timer to keep you on task!  Commit to working on one task for at least 15 minutes.  Do nothing else – do not answer the phone or check your email for example. (you can have music playing but no TV)  It is really amazing what you can get done if you are not multi-tasking and focused.  (in fact, I had to use this method to get the Fabulous Forty Tips done).  It’s really helpful when doing a task that you do not want to do because you know you only have to do it for 15 minutes or longer but never more than 40 minutes.

2020 Update

I use Toggl to track all of my time! Mostly for a business reason but I also track the time I spend cleaning or doing other household things.

The TomatoTimer is great for doing the Pomodoro Technique.



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