Tip #38 – Manuals got you confused


1 – Toss all your manuals because you can get all the information online!  For online versions of 30 manufacturers’s sites with on-line appliance manuals check out Appliance411.com.  You can also easily do a search for any item by going to the manufacturer’s website.  I would recommend making a list of appliances and electronics (ideally a spreadsheet) with make, model, purchase date and serial number – helps fine the right information without having to move the item around.

2 – Keep all your manuals in one place (binder or file drawer).  Personally, I am paperless in so many ways but I still like to grab a manual if I am having problems with an appliance or trying to figure how change the time on some kind of electronics.  (the screens don’t time out and it won’t break if I drop it).  For the easiest retrieval divide up manuals into categories like appliances, electronics, furniture or computers.  Also, when you add a new manual, go through and toss any manuals for items that you no longer have.  Remember when you move, to leave the manuals for kitchen appliances, garage doors and anything else that is not moving.


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