Tip #5 – Use pool noodles to make your boots stand up


Cut up pool noodles to fit your boots!  It makes them stand up so they don’t fall into a pile.

Tip #4 – Always keep a bag of toiletries packed at all times


The most important that helps me pack is to keep a bag of “toiletries” packed at all times.

1 – Figure out all the things that you use on a daily basis.

Example: Shampoo, Conditions, Shower Gel, Shower Sponge, Body Lotion, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Razor, Hair Spray, Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Brush, Comb, etc. (this list is personal for every person)

2 – Gather all these items in travel size (3oz or smaller) – TSA Information

* I once saw a girl in an airport throwing away a liter of shampoo and a liter of conditioner because she had them in her carry-on bag. I had three thoughts 1- doesn’t she now there is a size restriction, 2 -what did that cost to throw away, 3 – Why would you want to carry something that heavy that takes up that much space in your bag. (poor planning)

3 – Find a bag or divided case of some sort that is just big enough to contain the items on your list.

4 – When something runs out, replace it the next time you go to the store and pack in to bag.

Once your bag is good to go – you no longer if think about it each time you take a trip of any kind. You also won’t have to wait until you are finished showering, doing your hair, shaving, etc. before zipping up your suitcase.

To Download a Spreadsheet of basic “needs” for toiletries when travel – CLICK HERE –

Tip #3 – Gift an Experience!

Gift an Experience

Last year my parents gave my nieces and nephews tickets to see the Lion King as their “big” Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa.  My sister was happy because she didn’t have to find a place to put all the new toys and clothes that they would have received and my parents were happy because they got to “experience” the show with their grandkids.  The kids will remember the seeing the Lion King for many years to come – in fact the 3 year old became obsessed with all things Lion King and that was even her birthday party theme (6 months later).

Think about the gifts you have received in your life – what do you remember?  Help your loved ones reduce the clutter and get them something they will really enjoy and remember!

Tip #2 – Make a Christmas gift list!

Make a list and check it twice (2)

1 – Make a list with the name of each person you plan to buy a gift for this holiday season

2 – Set a dollar amount for each person and stick to it!  (this will make for less stress after the holidays)

3 – Make note of any ideas you have for that person

4 – Keep the list with you (you never know when you might find a gift and you can check something off!

I highly recommend some kind of electronic list because it is to change, share and take with you on your phone! 

  • Create a spreadsheet and save in DropBox
  • Create a list in Evernote
  • Use an App like Our Groceries

Tip #1 – Organize your coats!

a text block (1)

Gather all your coats in one place – make a decision to donate anything you have not worn in a year! – Donate to charity that is collecting coats in your community (Salvation Army Winter Night Watch is one in Omaha) and remember to check all your pockets!

When you hang up your coats, sort by person and then by type (heavy coats together, windbreakers together, etc.) 

Wooden Hangers are a good purchase for your coat closet – coats are often too heavy for plastic or wire hangers.

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  1. Brenda Nelson

    Thanks for emailing me about your Fabulous 40 tips. These are great! And Happy Birthday! 🙂


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