Digital Photo Organizing

Protect your photos - even if your hard drive or phone is lost!

Do you have photos on your phone, a computer and several flash drives? We will help you gather all your pictures to create photo library of all your memories so that you can truly enjoy them.

If you lost your phone, would all your photos be gone. You are in the right place.

If your computer crashed, would you have to pay $$$ for someone to “find” your photos? You are in the right place.

We work with clients in 3 ways.

Done for you (most popular)

Client works with us on the who/what/when/where (in a general sense) and then we take everything back to our office (or we gather remotely) and start the project with weekly check-ins and occasional questions.

Done with you

The client and Lisa work together on the sorting/organizing in the client’s home or office. Just being honest, this is not the most efficient way.

Done by you

Lisa will meet with the client for 2-3 hours and get them started and give them direction to work on the project for themselves. (We rarely do this as most people decide it’s more than they want to take on for themselves)

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Digital Photo Organizing Package:

This package includes:

1. Centralize all your digital photos

  • Create one digital hub for all of your photos
  • Gather photos from computers, phones, CDs, flash drives,
    external hard drives
  • Downloading from online websites may be an additional cost due to the vast number of websites and that they can change the
    process at any time

2. Sort into a simple folder structure

  • Yearly
  • Monthly

3. Remove duplicates

  • Remove exact duplicate copies of photos
  • Limited removal of duplicate copies of videos (video duplicates is usually a more manual process than photos)

4. Create a backup

  • Backup all photos/videos on external flashdrive or hard drive (additional cost for drive if collection is over 50GB
  • Backup all photos/videos online (this varies per client)

5. A simple guide to maintain your photo hub


After basic photo organizing is completed, we can add on various services such as:

  • Creation of books, slideshows or other products
  • Facial recognition
  • File renaming
  • Keywording/tagging
  • Monthly/quarterly maintenance

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