Seven ideas to Clear Office Clutter that each should take less than 30 Minutes! 

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 8 - pens

Find all the pens and pencils in your home or office – pull out all the broken ones and throw them out! If you have an over abundance, donate to an organization in need.

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - small office supplies

Take out all your staplers, hole punchers and tape dispensers. Do they work and do you need that many?

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 10- small office supplies 2Sort through all the small things in your “office” (paper clips, binder clips, staples, etc) and divide them into containers so you can easily see what you have.

I use a spice rack on my desk or you can use an ice cube tray in a drawer.

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 11 - cordsGather ALL of your cables and determine if you still have that phone, tablet, camera, etc. Get rid of any cables you don’t need and then figure out the best cable management for you!

I use Velcro “ties” that are about $5 for 50 at a building supply store. For the ones that I don’t use every day!

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 12 - gift cards

Gather all your gift cards and make a list. (spreadsheet, evernote, etc.) If you have more than 5, put them in their own case (or your wallet will be overflowing)

Try an App like GYFT if you have big brand cards, unfortunately it doesn’t work with most local stores.

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 13 - magazines

Clear out your magazines!

If you have subscriptions and you don’t have time to read the current issue before the next one arrives – seriously consider canceling it

If you hold onto them because there is an article or something you want to go back to – I suggest grab some post it notes while reading it and when finished – go back to those posts and either tear out the page (least favorite option) or use Pinterest or Evernote or something to track the information digitally.

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - 14 - greeting cards

Its time to let go of the Christmas cards (or other greeting cards that you might be holding on to) Its okay if you want to keep some of the pictures but do you really need to keep every card with just a signature?

Consider donating to St Jude’s Ranch and they will make into new cards!



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