So the old theory on getting organized is how it can save you time and money but have you ever thought about how clearing the clutter can actually help you find and make you money?

Find Money

When I am working with clients we often “find” money in a variety of different places. I am no longer surprised when I find checks, cash or gift cards all over clients homes or businesses. Make it a point to immediately take any of the above mentioned items and put directly in your wallet when opening the mail or a gift. Checks are typically stale-dated after 90 days (and if it was a gift, they would your prefer you cash it sooner instead of later so they can reconcile their checking account). Some gift cards/rebate cards have expiration dates and it would be a shame to let them go unused. Remember to always check pockets in pants, coats and purses for cash. Several years ago I estimate that I found over $500 all over a clients home because she was always grabbing a different purse or coat and just never took the time to clear out the clutter.

Sell Your “Stuff”

Many people are able to make money by selling things around their home or office that they no longer use. Some things are pretty obvious like books, CDs and DVDs but now it is easier than ever to sell things using the internet. There a variety of sites that purchase old electronics. (my husband sold an old iPhone with a cracked screen for about $70). People are now selling clothes, furniture and just about anything using Facebook groups, Craigslist and that is just a start.  I personally prefer facebook groups because you should have a name and a face before the “meet”.

Rent Your Space

Another benefit of clearing out the clutter is that you may now have a guest room that is clean and ready for guests and you can use websites like Airbnb to welcome “new friends” into your home to make some extra money.

My husband and I started renting out our basement to Airbnb guests in May 2014. I was recently interviewed on the Omaha local news about our experience.

Airbnb basement 1 – Airbnb an option for Berkshire Meeting Attendees

Earlier this month, we actually rented out our second guest room because it’s a great space and because we are not using it for storage, it is a welcoming space for quests. I can not say enough great things about the ease of using Airbnb. (send me an email if you have specific questions because I could go on and on)

Do you a some extra space in our office (even if you work from home), you can look into sharing it too. Here is a great post on 5 alternatives. 

Drive Your Car

Another way to make money in this sharing economy is by driving others in your car using Lyft or Uber. Of course you will need to clear the clutter from your vehicle, so that the guests in your car have a room and a pleasant experience.

I think we will continue to see new options all the time in the emerging sharing economy.

Do you need help clearing the clutter so you can makes some extra cash? Contact Lisa at HOPE organizng for an in person or virtual session!


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