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HOPE organizing turned 10 in the spring of 2017 and to celebrate I invited clients, potential clients, friends, and family to an Open House in September. This was a total Open House as I let people look inside almost every closet, drawer and a cabinet in my home.  (The only thing off limits was my husband’s closet and drawers) Now, through the course of several posts, I will let you into my home and see how I organize my own space. My HOPE is to give you inspiration, to take on something that is really challenging and make one step to either give you peace of mind or save you time or money.

I wanted to do the “open house” as a way to celebrate my business but also as a reason to tackle a few of the spaces in my own home that were not organized the way that I wanted and not really functioning for me.  In fact writing this blog is a big challenge for me because I have tons of ideas but hate the writing part and by making this a many part series, I am taking on a challenge and committing to completing it.

This post will share with my readers the pictures taken during the open house by Bell Photography. It will give a view of my home as it was set up for a party. Over the course of several more posts, I will take you into each room and closet to share my favorite organizing techniques and products.

We will do a quick tour starting from the bottom up!

We finished our basement in 2013 and is very modern compared to the rest of our 90-year-old home. The main room is our “family room” as this is the primary place we spend time as a family watching TV and playing with Anderson’s toys. We also rent the entire space on Airbnb!  It is essential that our basement is organized for when a guest books with us with just a day or two notice.  The guest room is well equipped for anything a guest might need when traveling (also prepared for family, friends, and strangers) 







We also have some great storage in our basement. One room is for camping, Christmas and tools! Our 2nd storage room is a mix of almost everything else including clients photos and papers for when I am not working on their projects. 









As we move to the 1st floor, it is much more obvious that we live in a 90-year-old house!    This floor is the where you enter our home and will find our Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Guest Room and HOPE organizing’s office.








Finally, the 2nd Floor is where our bedrooms are located (and small closets).







The fun signs that were posted around the house to give people an idea of what was beyond that door!  






Here are some great photos of my family and several of the guests that attend the HOPE organizing Open House!


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