Fabulous Forty Tips #40 – Taxes Organizing

Tip #40 – The one thing everyone needs organized – TAXES Set up a file in your home label TAXES and the year.  If you are part of a couple filing a joint return, make sure the other person knows where this file is located.  Throughout the year, if you make a...
Fabulous Forty Tips #39 – Set a Timer

Fabulous Forty Tips #39 – Set a Timer

Tip #39 – Time Yourself! Set a timer to keep you on task!  Commit to working on one task for at least 15 minutes.  Do nothing else – do not answer the phone or check your email for example. (you can have music playing but no TV)  It is really amazing what you...

Fabulous Forty Tips #38

Tip #38 – Manuals got you confused 1 – Toss all your manuals because you can get all the information online!  For online versions of 30 manufacturers’s sites with on-line appliance manuals check out Appliance411.com.  You can also easily do a search for...

Fabulous Forty Tips #37

Tip #37 – Stop getting Statements STOP getting any kind of statements in the mail (bank, credit cards and even most utilities).  It will cut down on mail to sort, file and even shred.  If you really need to look at a hard copy print it from the website but most of the...

Fabulous Forty Tips #36

Tip #36 – Clean up email and Unsubscribe Challenge yourself to unsubscribe from the next 5 emails that you don’t read.  (there should be an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email)  If you really feel like you are going to miss something – set up...

Fabulous Forty Tips #35

Tip #35 – Empty your Download and Recycle folders Empty your download and recycle folders on a regular basis.  It is likely you have LOTS of extra files on your computer that you need, taking up space.
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