Fabulous Forty Tips #20

Tip #20 – Use holiday decor to pack up fragile decorations. Use stocking and holiday towels to pack away fragile decorations.  You can tuck ornaments that are breakable inside a stocking to safeguard them from breaking when packed away.

Fabulous Forty Tips #17

Tip #17 – Use a different storage container for each room  Use a different tote or storage container for each room or area of your home (living room, mantle/fireplace, kitchen, etc.), when putting away your holiday decorations.  When it’s time to decorate next year,...

Fabulous Forty Tips #16

Tip #16 – Take pictures of your Christmas decorations If you like the way you have decorated for the holidays, take a picture to keep in your storage containers.  You can place the pictures in with the decorations and you will remember exactly how it looked the year...

Fabulous Forty Tips #15

Tip #15 – Start a Christmas can for all your change! During the year, have a designated “Christmas” jar or tin to throw loose change in.  Take this change to the Salvation Army kettle as a donation or to another charity for someone in need. My family started this...

Fabulous Forty Tips #12

Tip #12 – Use Gift Bags! Use gift bags for wrapping gifts because they are inexpensive, take up less storage space, and can be reused next year.