Business Organizing

Paper Filing / Processing Systems

Is the paper in our home overwhelming? We will help you tame the paper beast by sorting through all that paper to help determine what you need to keep and what can be let go. During this process, we will also create a plan to handle the paper as soon as it arrives.
Electronic Filing / Processing Systems

Do you have documents all over your computer desktop? We will help organize your computer, so that you can quickly find any file that you might need.
Financial Systems / Paperwork / Bookkeeping
Could you find a specific financial transaction if needed? Let us help set up a system from tracking all the money coming in and going out. If you use Quickbooks, do you need to “clean it up” to make it work more efficiently.
Office (Home/Small Business / Commercial)

Do you have things in the best places for efficiency? We will help you set up your office to make your business run more smoothly vs consistently looking for something that you need.
Storage Rooms
Is there a room where everything just gets “dumped”? We help organize your space so that you can find anything in less than a minute.

Are you planning to move soon? We can help you only move the things you really need by decluttering first, then help pack items for an easy transition to the new home and finally unpack in just a day or two so that you don’t open boxes years later.

Is your digital life just making your crazy? We will help find the best strategies for your email, calendar, social media and your phones and tablets.
Don’t see the exact service you are looking for? Contact us and if we can’t help we will find someone that can!