Are you drowning in photos and videos, both printed and digital? Are you confused about what where you should keep your photos, iCloud, Google Photos, Amazon Photos, just to name a few. Are you still missing Picasa or bought a Mac because you thought it would help organize your photos? Do you want to pass your cherished memories to your kids and grandkids? What if you had a person to guide you through the entire process (or just do it for you)? My name is Lisa Tonjes Moritz and I am a Certified Photo Manager. I love to help families and businesses organize their photographs and memorabilia so that all they have to do is take photos and enjoy them.

Your Back Story:

I think I became a “memory keeper” at the early age of 6. We traveled to Austin, TX for spring break when I was in kindergarten and my aunt helped me create a scrapbook so that I could share my trip with my classmates when I returned. That same year, my mom started a book for my first year a school and it was followed by 20+ more books for every year of school and special trips. I created my first slideshow for my senior class by sitting with a video camera and taping photos to the wall in front of me. It’s a little hard to watch now because it’s not that smooth but still proud of the timing of Queen’s “We are the Champions” ending right with the picture of the boys basketball team holding up the State Championship trophy.

My friends always knew I would have my camera and take lots of photos – so they didn’t need to. I also always loved looking at other’s photos whether they were in frames or albums (and eventually on Facebook and Instagram).

When I heard Cathi Nelson, the founder of The Photo Managers (formerly the Association of Personal Photo Organizers) speaking at the 2012 NAPO conference, I knew I had found “my people” and ready to move my business from mostly home organizing to adding in photo organizing and eventually going all-in on photo organizing. I truly value the community and the training through The Photo Managers. This is by far the biggest way to keep up-to-date on the constantly changing world of photo organizing.

About Lisa:

Lisa Tonjes Moritz started helping others organize their spaces or events for many years before starting HOPE. Her Barbie clothes and paper dolls always made it back into their designated spots. In high school she managed most of the prom planning for the Junior Class and her neat 4-H record books helped her represent Nebraska at the National 4-H Congress. In college she was always alphabetizing friends’ CDs and videos or creating the perfect “How to” binder for the sorority’s annual philanthropy project.

After college, no roommate was able to live with a disorganized closet or a cluttered common space. One roommate even received a file cabinet for a Christmas gift (along with help filling it) after Lisa tried to help her locate a very important document in messy piles under her bed. As a branch manager for a bank for almost 9 years, she was known as the “go to” person for getting a plan in place for an organized branch and written compliance and marketing goals.

In March 2007, Lisa turned her hobby into a business. Her mission is to give her clients HOPE by making their busy lives easier. In 2019, she made the decision to focus the business on helping people organize their photos, videos and memorabilia to safeguard them for future generations.

Lisa lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband Bruce and their son, Anderson. They like to travel, appreciate local artists and take an active part in the Omaha community. Lisa is the Public Image Chair for the Downtown Omaha Rotary, a Junior League of Omaha sustaining member and advisor, a board member of the Memories for Kids Guild and a board member for Heartland Women’s Network.

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