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 7 Tips to Clear Digital Clutter and give you a more organized computer, tablet or phone. Each idea should take less than 30 minutes to implement!

#1 – Use only one calendar (a digital calendar) and set up different Categories/Calendars/Project or what ever your system calls it. I perdonally use Google Calendar and have a personal calendar, a family calendar (that I share with my husband), a HOPE calendar (for events I attend for HOPE), a HOPE client calendar, and a few more.

Reasons I love a digital calendar:

  • Always with you (when was the last time you left somewhere without your phone) 1#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - Calendar
  • Share the calendar with several people (or just share an event)
  • Recurring events can be schedule with just a few clicks and not writing them over and over again
  • Reminders are easy also (email or pop ups)
  • When something gets rescheduled, you just change the date the date and time but don’t have to worry about crossing out info on paper

If you really need paper to put on the fridge or the wall, you can print it on a weekly or monthly basis.




#2 – Clear out the Download folder on your computers, tablets and phone. I bet you have a lot of things filling up this folder that you don’t event think about. I always have a lot of restaurant menus on my phone that I only look at once.

2#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - Downloads










#3 – Unsubscribe to at least 5 emails today! (and maybe tomorrow and the next day and the next…) Do you REALLY need to know when ever store at the mall is having a sale or do you read a motivational quote every day.

3#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - Email - Unsubscribe

  • If you think you are really going to miss it and afraid you will forget something, create a folder called “unsubscribe” and save the last email from the company in the folder and then click “unsubscribe” at the bottom.
  • if you really can’t say goodbye, try changing the frequency, instead of once a day, maybe once a week or once a month.







#4 – Create folders/labels in your email account. Depending on your email, you may be able to put more than one label on an email. If you are just saving it for later, get it out of your inbox.

4#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - Email - Folders










# 5 – Set up filters for all those emails that you can not unsubscribe from but don’t need take immediate action. Every email program is slightly different but they all offer the ability to set up filters.

  • 5#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - Emails - Set up FilersYou want to get emails from Amazon Local, and the Daily Grommet but you don’t have the time to look at them daily – set up a filter that they automatically go into a shopping folder.
  • You are on a variety of email lists that include interesting information (like a newsletter from but you don’t have time to read them except once or twice a week. Set up a filter that automatically places those emails in a READ folder.






# 6 – Clean off your computer desktop. If you are not productive with a bunch of random things on your actual desktop, why have it all over your computer desktop.

  • 6#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - Clean off your computer desktopMost of those shortcuts you don’t use – it doesn’t remove the program just the icon on your desktop.
  • Maybe have a quick reference folder but bunch of documents, folders and photos can make it difficult to find things







# 7 – Remove any programs that you are not using on your computer (or apps on your phone or tablet) As I wrote this post, I realized that the printer that I sold 6 months ago was still connected to all the computers in the house.

#OrganizeWithHOPE100 - Remove Programs

  • If it was installed about the time you bought your computer be sure to check that it is not a needed program to make your computer work properly
  • Many computers come with games and other programs already installed that you never use, this is your chance to free up some space.
  • Sort the program by download date and sometime you download one program and it also installs a few other things if you are not careful






Need help to Clear Digital Clutter? Contact HOPE organizing and within 2 hours, will can help you implement these strategies and maybe a few more! Need help organizing in Omaha, I will come to you! Need help anywhere else, we can meet virtually.

Email: or Phone: 402.350.3220


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