Bring your photos back to life!

Helping families and businesses organize,
preserve, share and celebrate their memories

Do you worry that …

future generations won’t know your story?
if you lost your phone, your photos would be lost?
you won’t be able to find a specific photo when you need/want it (like your child’s baby picture for school)?

My name is Lisa Tonjes Moritz and I am the Chief Memory Organizer of HOPE Organizing (Helping Organize Photos Everywhere). We understand that your photographs and memorabilia are a reflection of your unique and wonderful life. As a Professional Photo Organizer, I have a passion for helping others organize and preserve their personal and family history. When we work together, you will have more time to live your best life with your favorite people; capturing future memories vs. finding and organizing the past. Schedule your free consultation today and let’s talk about how I can bring you HOPE.

Our services include:

Digital Photo Organizing
Printed Photo Organizing
Memorabilia Organizing (kids art, ticket stubs, maps, etc.)
Scanning Photos
Creating Photobooks
Creating Video Scrapbooks
Creating Personalized Gifts
Cloud Storage and Backup
Archival Storage Products

Grateful Clients are saying

My wife and I highly recommend Hope Organizing services! Lisa is personable, responsible and reliable, detail-oriented (which is crucial to photo projects!), and does outstanding work. We have been very happy with what she has accomplished for us, and plan to continue to utilize her services for our photo projects. – Bob

With tears in my eyes. I am just overwhelmed with the books you created!!! Way beyond my expectations!!! Thank you so much!!! – Jan

I just wanted to tell you that I was able to share the photos with my family and they were a BIG hit. Thanks so much for your help! I am looking forward to gathering more for you to scan! – Mary Jane

The books brought tears to the recipients eyes! – Nicole

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